Dec 15 2012
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I guess I'm the only one? Sub-Account/Master Account Help

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So, I'm having a problem. Interestingly enough, it honestly seems like I'm the only one with this problem, as basic as it seems. Believe me, I've tried searching for similar queries, but, I guess no one has such a basic problem as mine?


Alright, enough rambling, here it is, as basic as it sounds, I'm having trouble transferring DLC from my master account to my sub account. That's it. They're on the same PS3 and that's all. No one else seems to have that problem; either they're transferring from several different PS3's, from a PS3 to a Vita or from two master accounts. All I need help with is figuring out why I can not transfer some DLC from Battlefield 3 on the same PS3 to my sub account from my master. I've tried my best to unrestrict as many things as possible from my sub, but nothing seems to work? Is it just something you cannot do?


Some people have told me ways to 'trick' I guess, the system? (A little dissapointing the PSN Team can't make something like this so simple.) They've said to try making a new user and using the Use an Existing Account option by filling it in with your main account ID and password, and from there redownloading all your stuff onto that new sub account. When I tried, however, it alerted me that that account — which was my main account — alright exists, thus I cannot use it. So.. another dead end.


Plain and simple, is the conclusion here that PSN will not allow me to do something as simple as share DLC? I'm having trouble as to figuring out why PlayStation would even make that function..? Hah, .. to save money I guess? I mean.. really.. =( Help would be appreciate,


P.S. I'm not mad or anything, just reaaalllllyyyy dissapointed. Like a father who realizes his son throws like a girl..  (LOL kidding)

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Re: I guess I'm the only one? Sub-Account/Master Account Help

Dec 15, 2012

It's not clear if you have both accounts on the PS3 currently (as 2 users).  This is what you were told to do to "trick" the system, not to have two users with the same account.  The purchasing account needs to be activated on the PS3 and download the DLC.  Then the sub account (another user) may be abe to use it also.  I think some games do restrict DLC to only the purchasing account.

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