Mar 28 2014
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I encourage Sony to release their Psygnosis Liverpool PC classics on GOG

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I want to thoroughly encourage Sony to get in touch with in some way (one email address is welovedevs@gog(dot)com) and speak with them about re-releasing their classics on GOG's service. I believe tens of thousands of people, if not 100,000+, would purchase these games if they were made available DRM-free and running on modern machines via GOG.

It's my understanding (and I could be mistaken) that Sony has the rights to numerous classic PC and DOS games - /wiki/SCE_Studio_Liverpool#Games_developed_or_published_as_Psygnosis

... including numerous Lemmings games, Ecstatica 1 & 2, Drakan: Order of the Flame, Destruction Derby,  Rollcage, Wipeout, etc.

(Most important would be the Discworld games. A deal would have to be worked out with Rhianna Pratchett - rhipratchett on Twitter - but these games have thousands of votes on the GOG wishlist - /wishlist/games#order=votes_total&search=discworld .)

Hopefully this idea is taken seriously; perhaps somebody can email the idea to the "higher-ups".



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Re: I encourage Sony to release their Psygnosis Liverpool PC classics on GOG

Sep 27, 2014

I would like to join the OP in their call to publish Psygnosis titles on GOG. These games are perfectly fit for the demographics of GOG users, many of which are older gamers who are keen to purchase (and gift) games they had played in their youth. The Lemmings series, to name but one, would certainly prove to be an instant best seller if published on GOG.


Thank you.

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