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Re: I don't understand using SSDs in PS4s

May 28, 2014
Yeah for multiplayer people who load first should play first, only one megamap that after a few weeks shows lower levels, evolutions on the higher design, the exlanation being the top got nuked, those lucky enough to be present in the update struggle to find shelter, cooperating with the enemy in blowing holes erecting covering, keeping out their npc officers who would get rewarded for killing them all for insbordination. Huge rewards for survival, survivors direct spawn resupply and parachute drops. Survivors can form their own faction. Could be about trying to get out of the play area, made impossible by difficulty/constant bombardment not invisible walls. Single player begins when get out, go back in for resupply.

Matches can be made fair by people forcedinto factions or having to wait fortheir prefered faction. But really whowans fairness? Everyone really wants spectacle and excitement. Girls just wanna have fun.
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