Oct 17 2012
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I do not know if its just a Hoax/// But I keep seeing Sties... And blog .. Shouting about it..

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I did a little re--- Search On skyrim DawnGuard for the Ps3.... Im very very Pisst of and very very disappointed...its been Alooooong time.. and  my Hater for bathesda is growing More and More....Because of Making uS PS3 Users WAit for something that should been out in about 5 days of the game released...


 lets get to the point..


I have Visited couple of sites.. That Said Dawnguard being released  for the Ps3 in these 30 days ehead.. it may be a lie it may be true i do not know.. I need information about this issue with bathesda Immediately i keep hearing this month coming up and this month etc etc etc etc .. is very disppointing.. to see players that lOve skyrim wait for DLC that should of been released.. day ago... not to mention up coming DLC like ... " Dragon born " or " HearthFire "  i hope they don't expect us to pay for delayed DLC.. specialy dawguard.. Excuses is all they know very unpleasing with gaming and bathesda.



I hope you fellow users can give me a heads up on this issue..Good Gaming Smiley Happy

"You can't believe everything on the Internet"-- Kevin Butler
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