Nov 06 2012
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I can't find my demos after 4.31 update

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Ever since the latest update all of my demos disappeared. I thought nothing of it at first and went and redownloaded all of the demos and games. Once I did that and went to install them it said this version is already installed on the system would you like to continue anyway. I said yes because obviously they weren't available to me anymore. After they installed the downloaded demos disappeared again. I can not find where to access them so that I can play the demos. Are they no longer under the game tab? I know that the trophies relocated to the playstation network tab. But I was unaware of the demos being relocated. And if so where did they go because I've looked everywhere.

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Re: I can't find my demos after 4.31 update

Nov 9, 2012

I don'tt see anything different about them.  Maybe you just changed your sorting method (with square)?

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