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Re: I Pre-Ordered a PS4 with $100.00 dollars down on it can a pay the rest of the money on launch da

Aug 1, 2013

darknovaxp wrote:

Kali_boiz_4life wrote:

glaciusx25 wrote:

You can do either one.


However, considering it's going to be a midnight release, they suggest that you do pay it off beforehand, if you are going to pick it up at midnight.


If you have it paid off, then at midnight you can just walk in with your receipt, they hand you the console, you walk out.


Otherwise you have to wait in a different, longer line.


If you're just going to pick it up at some time in the day, really makes no difference.

why would it matter if its midnight or daytime. I think you can just pay it off when you go pick it up, midnight or not.

Have you ever been to a midnight lauch of a game or console of any siginicance?



I have.

If you go there just to pick up the game, you'll get bored.

If you got here for the experience, you'll enjoy it as you'll meet local people who you can befriend.

Also, the area is also heavily dependent on the experience as some stores do special stuff, like allow people to have a LAN party right in the parking lot and inside the store, snacks and sodas, little contests to win neat prizes.... other stores are pretty hum-drum about it.

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