Sep 04 2012
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How to fix GLOD? (not YLOD)

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This is first time i heard of the green light of death. I know about the yellow light of death and how to fix that. But how do you fix the GLOD?


My GLOD experience.

- ps3 turns on like usual. Green light on. Blue light on too if therre is disc in drive. But no video or sound. 

- controller will not pair with the ps3 by wireless or wired.


Fixes i found while researching the GLOD.

-reset video by holding down power button until sound beep. 

- get into safe mode by holding power button untill you get to the 3rd beep, which beep twice.

-used 4 penny on the rsx chip for more pressure 


I have try both fix 1 and 2. Nothing happens. No sound or video. I have not try fix 3, as i think using pennies on the rsx will create a grap on the cpu chip and it wont  make contact with the heat sink. If anyone know any other method on how to fix to GLOD, please post it up. thanks

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