Jan 07 2012
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How should we play shooter games using gun controllers??

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Hello, everyone

i would like to tell you my opinions about how would we play "lets say killzone 3" using sharpshooter (PS3) or other gun-like controllers by turning around.  If you are moving your gun as you are aiming to the right, then you are turning to the right (90 to 180 degrees) . but if you move your gun to left back from 90 or 180 degree to 0 degree OR (in other word you are aiming straight to the middle of tv). Then you can do same with turning left from middle of tv to 90 to 180 degree.

This is pretty much better than how would you play shooting duck with wii where there is no turning. just moving the "X" aiming around the tv screen, or have to move out of deadzone in killzone 3 to make a turning. but if you want to turn to the 180 degree right, but want to go straight (not go back to the 0 degree) so you would hold a button to create where you can using method "where you moving the "X" around the tv screen back to the straight" then you unhold a button to turn that method off and you are now running at 180 degree as 0 degree.

however if you can understand what i am talking about or if not, ask me to explain clear so you should able to understand clearly.

so what are your thoughts about this way??

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