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Re: How much do u think it will cost?And what colors

Apr 17, 2011

Well I plan on getting my first smart for ever my line of work in the past it was nextel or it was broke. So I am going to keep faith's in some cool phone service that supports the Xperia Play and the NGP 3G in a kick-@$$ plan.

But I would like to not need Wifi to do the things that need WiFi that are not actual online gameplay. Who want's to pay for a monthly Internet service???? any way who does not want to use the Internet legally and not with a crap signal trying to use your neighbors Wifi.

That is just me though I do not want to have to use a WiFi spot when I want to use my NGP in ways that 3G can handle.

Dude I have PS+

"Why would any body want to pay for a monthly service"

Because that is one of the great and bad parts of life.

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