Mar 14 2012
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How do I format a memory card?

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I mean, I know that it lets you format it in the form of deleting all of your memory, but how would I delete a specific game data off the memory card? Also, as a side question, how would I transfer data between two memory cards, like if I got a bigger mem card and I wanted to put all my data from the old one onto that one?

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Re: How do I format a memory card?

Mar 14, 2012

For deleting PSP game data.... go into Settings, then Application Data Management, then Saved Data. Should then list all your PSP games that have saved data. Press the menu button (3 dots at the bottom right hand corner of the touch screen) and this will bring up the delete button to press. Choose your games to delete and confirm to get rid of them.

For deleting Vita game information........ press and hold the game of choice. Press the menu button(3dots) that comes up and choose delete. This will delete all info for that game.

To upgrade to a larger memory card you'll need to connect to a PC or PS3 and use Connection Manager. Choose to tranfer from Vita to PC/PS3 after it starts. Do a full backup. After the backup is complete, disconnect from the PC/PS3 and then power your Vita off. Swap out the memory cards. Turn the Vita on and then connect once again to the PC/PS3 using Connection Manager. This time choose PC/PS3 to Vita for the transfer. Then do a full Restore. This will copy everything from the original card to the new card. Once completed disconnect and your all set.

More information is listed in the User Guide, under Connection Manager, found in the Browser.

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