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Nov 29 2012
By: XxFuneralFirexX First Son 4 posts

How Playstation helped me find my best friend

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My name is Jim and this is how I found my first best friend, all thanks to Playstation. I was attending grade school in Northeast Ohio in 1997 and the kids in my grade were vicious. Simple games like Foursquare turned into shouting matches and kids back stabbing each other so much that they had to be separated from each other in class. I wasn't very good and it plagued me all year. Eventually Summer came where I didn't have to play it anymore. I was doing nothing that day when my mom spontaneously said, "Why don't you give Doug a call and see if he wants to hang out?" Doug was always better at sports than me, so I was hesitant. I caved in and gave him a call. He was surprised at my random request to hang out, but accepted and I went over his house. He was playing WCW Nitro for Playstation. This was my first experience with Pro Wrestling and Playstation itself. I was blown away by the graphics and easy to use controller. We became good friends that summer and had each other's backs when school resumed, which was uncommon due to the maturity level of our classmates. So when Christmas came around, I knew exactly what to ask for. The morning came and my family and I sat in the living room opening presents. I saw no box that resembled one of a Playstation and I began to worry. Those thoughts changed when I opened a present to reveal Marvel Super Heroes for Playstation. The next was The Lost World: Jurassic Park. After my shock, I was told the Playstation itself was hidden behind the couch. I jumped on the couch, looked behind it and there it was. I was so thankful. After that, Doug and I always beat Playstation games together. From whispering to each other while playing the first Metal Gear Solid, to leveling our characters up in Final Fantasy 7 so we could stand a chance against Sephiroth. We're older now (27 years old to be exact) and have jobs, making it difficult to hang out. But, we've managed to meet up on Monday nights and tackle new challenges in PS3 titles like Uncharted, WWE 13 and of course MGS: Sons of Liberty. I want to thank you for helping me meet my best friend through your product. I've used your product since then and will continue to do so. Thank you.

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