Apr 07 2012
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**How Having a Baby Has Changed My Gaming Habits**

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     Seven months ago my life changed forever. Me and my wife had a beautiful baby boy at 6lbs 1oz. Before my son was born I devoted a lot of my time to my Playstation 3, whether it was playing online with friends or investing hours into single player campaigns, the late nights and blistered thumbs had become routine. After the greatest moment in my life, I would have been crazy to think that my gaming habits wouldn't be changed forever.


     The midnight releases and day long marathons were quickly replaced with midnight feedings and day long diaper duty. My wife and I both work full time jobs taking care of mentally challenged men in a community home in town so any down time we can get is much appreciated. A few weeks after my son was born, on my day off, I decided that it was finally time to attempt to play my Playstation 3. After I chose to play The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim, an emotionally investing RPG, I was quickly immersed in this fantasy world. The immersion soon faded as I was pulled away by the sound of my sons cries. At that point I had doubts that my long time video gaming lifestyle could coexist with fatherhood.


     It wasn't until February 22, 2012 that my doubts had disappeared. It was the release of Sony's newest handheld gaming device, The Playstation Vita. I am now able to play my games on the go and in short intervals if needed. As a new dad, I would like to thank Sony for catering to busy parents such as myself and to people that are always on the go. Yes, my gaming habits have changed and change is good.

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