Oct 18 2012
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Horror Brings Connections To Gamers

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It all started in October 28th, 2008. I was a teenager back then with my good old friends, Mike, John, and Kevin. We play Horror games together especially movies too. Halloween is my favorite holiday on October. We also planned that we get new video game from GameStop. The store is also theme with Halloween items on the walls, doors even themselves. What I've bought is Vampire Night. The reason I bought this game is because I want to experience the vampire hunting and action abilities.


Some gamers had a lot of experience themselves sometimes. I usually play different playstation games for each month and holidays. What I experience on that game make me a vampire too. And how you just ask, well let just say if Mike is the vampire and he plays Vampire Night, he could turn evil or good. However, if that happens on day 31st of October I'll be terrified. The Halloween games what I'd purchase are blowing me into dust.


On day 29th two days before Halloween. I'd played a lot of playstation 2 and 3 games. Suddenly on that very evening I heard a laugh around this house. I haven't noticed who were making that direful laugh. I started playing the game on my playstation 3 and then I felt a pain in my teeths. Suddenly I have big sharp vampire teeth and continue getting more effects until it stops, I've turned into a vampire.


I usually turned into a vampire once and started to fly as a bat. However, I'm getting a call from my friends they're turned into monsters like in Halloween and ask me, " can you look outside for a moment. " When suddenly I looked outside everyone turned into Halloween creatures eventually. When I'd looked on the calendar is the 31st of October and is Halloween. I'd invited my friends over to my house themed with Halloween items. My friends came over and Mike was a wolf, John is a robot and Kevin is Snake from MGS.


We celebrated with cake and more. I've invited a lot of people in my house and their just like us as Halloween monsters. We danced until midnight and enjoy ourselves with candy and soda pop. We also play video games with everyone through out every people. We play horror games such as Silent Hill, Vampire Night, Siren Blood Curse and Resident Evil 4. Until the same evil laugh again that I'd heard earlier. " show yourself so I can bite you to death don't make me find you," I said. 


Then suddenly a white flash made us unconscious. Then we're back to normal the party food and Halloween items is still in our house. A lot of people left and enjoy the party however, the playstation gamers decided to stay in my house. We played a lot of games even if it turns us into monsters. I'll still be playing video games and have fun. I'd hoped that in this year it could happen. Halloween is almost here and a lot of gamers buying horror games and every October players came to buy games such as horror, sports and more events. If every gamer from the world wide plays a game on 31st of October, they may turn themselves into video game characters without buying a costume. If you going to play horror games what kind ?. And I hoped Halloween would be the best for playstation.

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