Apr 19 2014
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Here is how I connect my PS4 to the internet.

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Disappointed but not surprised that the ps4 didn't support wpa2 enterprise (neither ps3 nor vita support this) I was determined to get online. The university where I live has an connection but it times out after 30 minutes. My ps3 was online via my laptop, an Ethernet cable, and internet connection sharing, but switching the Ethernet from ps3 to ps4 was tedious. So I got a router. One of those dlink or linksys wireless N types.


Connected Ethernet from laptop to router. Laptop connects to university internet. Connection bridged to router. Router set up as wireless access point and manually assigned IP addresses. PS3, ps4, vita all connect to the router and have internet passed through what is a very ugly, but functional, network. Downside? Sometimes my ps4 speed test shows upload of 55kb/s. Usually it's decent, though. In not so other news, wouldn't it be awesome to be the only console that connects to wpa2 enterprise? Not everyone living in university residence has access to Ethernet jacks.


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