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Here a New story that you may like:Teaming With Friends In Gaming & Doing Activities Together.

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My friends and i made ourselves great teams when it comes around In Gaming like many online games. Each matches we face we win all The Time. we completed trophies games making us winners and Stronger In our strength of mind power. In Black ops zombies we Always stick Together because were buddies and buddies never leave On there Side just like the army never leave your soldier behind in Combat. In Black ops Zombies we made it to round 900 it a long Round but we Still Surviving during rounds it get roughly but we died And we have The highest score in black ops zombies and won a Trophy. We like Team gaming because that our thing that we always Do stick together We making ourselves like champions of teams in Playstation ops zombies

The reason we make ourselves great teams online games because they bought ps3 to begin there gaming experience in life and gaming. When my friends saw the ps3 coming out they search in the Internet of if music and photos and more of stuff you can put on the ps3 and they were excited that the ps3 system have many features that they can do. They told me this and I said " yes they do have Great features you can download music,videos,movies,and games too. They went to GameStop and bought themselves ps3 and they sign in on playstation

The first time I meet them online the first games that we play online and is battlefield 1943 is a great game to start with trophies we team up as Japan's army and we have to fight against the marine corps fighting each out other to capture the island Iwo Jima it was a hardcore battle but won our first round together it was a epic battle fighting against each other in our first combat gaming we got ranked to general we fought 9 rounds in the row until we completed the battlefield 1943 trophies the trophies was easy but the battle was harder then I thought that our first time beat the game and the trophies.battlefield 1943

We also do activities together like going fishing in Miami beach with my friends speed boat every sunday we caught ourselves a big fish in Miami the water was super deep I almost fell of the boat I was so scared that the shark jaws will kill me but still went fishing all day in Sunday it was pretty fun that day untill my friends won a Lamborghini the white ones I said OMG !! You won a Lamborghini he won the Lamborghini in a contest in bayside the contest is he has to shoot basketball in the hoop 30 shots in 7 min he shoots like micheal Jordan he made 30 shots under in 3 mins and won the Lamborghini it was amazing that he made 30 shots he said he practices basketball every day.boatlamborghinifish

This is my friends friend when he caught that fish I wasn't there because I was sick but i was fishing on that speed boat.we always do lots of things at my house and outside like playing dodgeball,basketball on courts waterballons fights,and we usually play video games in my house we love ps3 because without ps3 life will be unfun for us that why ps3 is the best for me because I take care the ps3 like a son I always clean it every week to keep the ps3 healthy and clean what everyone do take a bath and your clean. I follow directions on the ps3 i dont look at spammers or hacker there my viruses and for you who ever say something to you wrong that makes you follow what they say don't or you be screwed I never like hackers or spammers there are the enemy of my ps3 ones they hacked call of duty 4 and got my stats to insane mode but my weapons are ok but I don't like them when they hack the games. Instead we play little big planet it a fun game that takes your mind to the environment of creativity we play story modes it hard but we will try to get 100% on mission to get all items in the story we also create levels that you will love my friends helped me create levels to get the job done it like making a building instead of blueprints but use your mind and think what you going to build.little big planet

we watch movies on Monday's we watch all movies in the ps3 system we watch new ones through the awesome movies we watch terminator movies,fast five,some comedy movies I can't remember which ones but there funny even at night time we watch 3Ds movies too it was pretty cool what Sony made for us to see the movie in 3D it was a genius what they made it so special that why my friends bought the ps3 for enjoyment and my friends wanted to say hi to you and they say that you were cool in this community web site and they will remember this story when it gets posted in the spotlight they are fiveterminator21st

In call of duty games we like challenging each other like quick scoping,and more the reason we do this is like a training camp in private match to see what skills we have and we also teach players how to survive in combat in call of duty games without dying how to stay in the grass without getting seen by the enemy and today in call of duty 4 we teaching them for sniper class which body parts is the weakness for all types of sniper rifles teaching and learning in games can be education but I call it playstation education because it like school but it teach you any ways how to do this and that so you can remember what you learned durning your time in playstation. Playstaion home get any better than my game of what I have playstation home is the greatest public games that you can ever have in your playstation thanks to Sony entertainment that now we have something that we can meet each other and chat with friends and other people around the world wide across country to country that why my friends and I love Sony and game developers they made the ps3 so special in our life that they made our lives fun again. When I look around playstation home it was cool when the beta been came out I started to get items and clothing for my avatar and even much more items I also like the playstation home developers and the mall developers too they is so into playstation home that they starting now making new items my friends started collecting items too to get started right now we have lots of items we love playstation home and the games of the ps3.homelWdsuit

Now friends post this video of me quick scoping in call of duty before you reply and add me kudo points I'll post a video my friends and I work hard to post the video and put custom remix on the video we hope you like the video what I'm about to show you now

Thank you everyone developers and Sony entertainment and the people who post the spotlight story and my friends and I hope we get to see our story on the playstation blog reply back for what you think about the story if is great or any comments and don't forget to add kudo points for the hard work I been to doing this story for you to read thank you if you want to see the video better I'll post the link here thank you.profile

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