Nov 20 2012
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i turn on my ps3 an decide to go on the psn store so i hit the button and says a update is needed so i hit download the update and i go do something else when i come back the update loading is tuck on 98% so i caneled it and tried it again but this time my ps3 froze when i hit ps store so i waited a while and it said an error occured so i turned of my ps3 turned it back on same results so this time i deleted ps store and tried redownloading it but when i hit th ps store buttin i got the same results it would freeze and after a while it would say an error has occured is there anything i can do to fix it and fyi everything else seems to be working except that when i go to play a game i get signed out and cant sign back in but if i go back to the homepage of ps i go to network put my settings back in and online works just for the homepage any help would be nice 


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Nov 20, 2012
My favorite part of this is how your link makes it so convenient for me to give you TWO kudos instead if one.
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