Jan 11 2013
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Help with backing up data on external hard drive?

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I am trying to use a My Book for Mac external hard drive to back up the data on my ps3. I reformatted it to ms dos(fat) which is supposed to be fat32. My ps3 will recognize it and start downloading very slowly, I am not sure how long it is suppose to take but it said it was going to take 5 hours ( i have 150G to back up), i went to sleep when it was at about 10%. When i woke up there was a message saying that it could not read the usb device, and in the background of the message i could see that it stopped dowloading at like 50%.


Just wondering if it is normal for it to take like 5+ hours to back up and why it would stop recognizing the device halfway throught the download.

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Re: Help with backing up data on external hard drive?

Jan 11, 2013

Ok after i made my post I started to back it up again, and its currently at 40 % with 2hr and 40min remaining, I dont know if its going to work this time but I have another question if it does.


If it does work and finishes the back up, what about the other 50% it backed up before it stopped itself the first time? will that data still be on there and am I going to have duplicates of half of my data? What problems will i have when i restore if half my data is duplicated?


thanks sorry for double post.

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