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Aug 15 2011
By: kinghunter64 First Son 2 posts

Help please, Far Cry 2 download problem

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So it started when i wanted to try the Far Cry 2 full game trial, i finished the trial and realized that i wanted it so I bought it. Since i already had it download from the trial i did not redownload it after I made the purchase. So I get on the Far Cry 2 from the trial download thinking it would just get rid of the time block after I bought it. All it did was give me another hour and then it blocked me out again. So I deleted it thinking I just had to redownload it. I go to the download list and Far Cry was not on there, not even the trial version of it. I checked my transaction history and it says I purchased it. I found the full game in the 'games' section of the PS Store. The game icon has the small blue shopping bag which of course means I purchased it.

My question through this ramble is

if I click 'buy now' will It repurchase it? or will it just let me download it?

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First Son
Registered: 08/27/2011
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Re: Help please, Far Cry 2 download problem

Aug 27, 2011

i have the same problem only with borderlands i did the same thing as you did, but i have no answer for this i havent tried to purchase it again because it really looks like its charging you one more time. I think that the sollusion is to call playstation support and explain your situasion. sorry that my answer isn't that helpfull but tell me if you figuer it out in a simpler way

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