Mar 30 2012
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Help connecting a ps3 to a soundbar

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I have a ps3 connected to my plasma tv with an hdmi cable. I have a sound bar that does not have hdmi inputs. How would I go about having the hdmi picture quality while have the soundbar connected at the same time.

TV's out/inputs:

2 HDMI, 1 Componet, 1 Composit, 1 USB 2.0, 1 Digital Audio (optical)

Soundbar's out/inputs:

1 Componet out, 2 Composit in

On a side note, I tried using both the hdmi and the composit cables that go to the ps3. The hdmi to the tv and the composit to the soundbar. This gives me the results I want except the video glitches often. If anyone knows how to fix that, that would probably be an easier route.

Also, if unable to do either of these things, suggesting soundbars that I would be able to do this around or under the price of $200 would be appreciated.

Thanks all in advance!!!

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