Jan 07 2012
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Help Please! Will This Work?

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As I was saying in my previous post. Would the 'Netgear N900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router' be GOOD and RECOGNIZABLE Wi-Fi router for my 'Household Devices'. Because I have an 'Ipod Touch 2 G', 'Iphone 4', PS3, DS, 3 Desktops and a 'Smart TV'. So would it be good for them. Coz i want to stick to Wi-Fi not Ethernet.

You can check the router out at this website:

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Re: Help Please! Will This Work?

Jan 7, 2012

There should be able to connect everything with that router. The iPod Touch 2nd Gen may not support WPA2, as it stopped getting iOS updates a while ago.

You'd be best advised to set up an 802.11b/g mixed mode hotspot with WPA security. That will be broadly compatible. I do recommend that you cable at least the PCs. Physical wiring will be higher bandwidth, lower latency and immune from interference/competition from your other devices' and neighbors' wifi activity. If you connect all that stuff to one hotspot, you're going to have contention if you're trying to use many devices at once. Wifi isn't magic, it has real-world limitations.

A key step that will save you a lot of grief is to get wifi-scanning software on one of your devices and check the area you're going to set up the router in to see what channels other folks are using for their wifi. You can set the channel your hotspot uses and this is a key setting to avoid interference with others' traffic.

Oh, and not all PCs come with wifi built in, so if you're not going to cable at all and some of your PCs do not have built-in wifi, you'll have to buy an adapter for the PCs in question. You can get either a card or (my rec) a usb wifi adapter.

Good luck!

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