Jan 27 2012
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Haze 2 ?

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Hey Sony why do you not bring out haze 2 the story for Haze 1 was very good and it was just like killzones story but in a different way cause there was a drug that people took and it cost them to fight war that they thought was a good cose well if you make it you can grow on the story about how the mantle corp started out and why they wanted to start this war. This game can turn in to a big franchise that can sell well. It has the potential to be a nother terrific series on the PS3.

Sony I hope you consider to do this because most of use liked the store for the game but the game was crying out and asking you for more.

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Re: Haze 2 ?

Jan 27, 2012

Haze was not a very well recieved game, it literally died out faster than the advertisements did.

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