Aug 03 2013
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Have we learned the truth about season passes?

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I refuse to purchase one. Not once have I seen anything good come from them. Defiance was a great example. Game came out many months ago with a 40 dollar season pass, yet there is still no dlc. That's just one example, there are many many more. You don't save a huge chunk of money and many times you don't even own the game anymore through all the releases of the dlc.

I think they should not be allowed to even sell season passes.

Please post, agree or disagree but I really want to know how the community feels about them. Also want to know if anyone was seriously happy from a season pass purchase. The only decent season pass I've seen was for Borderlands 2. The dlc's came out pretty quick and were not all that bad, the final dlc was actually amazing.
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Re: Have we learned the truth about season passes?

Aug 3, 2013
Depends on the game

For instance, I bought battlefield premium for bf3 and I only liked 2 map packs. The other two were alright but the two I liked were better. Was it worth it, ya I guess.

But for games like fighting games, unless you know who the characters are ahead of time, I say it's a waste of money. You'll most likely end up with characters you don't care about and only one you like. Like ed boon completely screwed over the people who bought the injustice season pass. Instead of putting someone they would enjoy, they give them scorpion. I mean scorpion is cool but if you're gonna add someone in the game at least make them a super hero. Make scorpion free or a separate purchase
What was I talking about again?
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