Feb 20 2012
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Has the Move Improved?

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I bought a PS3 5 days ago after i got tired of xbox 360 and traded it in to get a PS3, I had Kinect but I never found a good game, everything was silly for it, But the Move seems to have more games and the best accurancy for games, my question... well rather questions are:

  1. Has The Move reduced the 8 feet needed to play it?
  2. Any good action game that is not a shooter?
  3. Any GOOD tennis and ping pong games to play?
  4. Archery?
  5. Is it worth it?

Thanks for the help

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Re: Has the Move Improved?

Feb 23, 2012

1. It hasn't, however the 8 feet was only recammended for best performance, it wasn't required, meaning you can play less then 8 feet away, and it could still work good depending how close you are to the camera of course.

2. For action games, I would recammend Medieval Moves, it's an action adventure, as well, Sorcery is supposed to be released this spring.

3. Well, for Tennis games, the only one is really Virtua Tennis 4, however I have not played that game, so I can't comment on if it's good or not. For Table Tennis, I don't belive there is any actually table tennis game out, however, the game Sports Champions does have Table Tennis (along with other games), and it is pretty good, I had fun with it.

4. About Archery, I also don't belive there is an archery game out, however, Sports Champions also has archery on it, there are multiple different types of archery games you can play. (that goes for all games, you can play them the traditional way, or play different types)

5. I say it's worth it,  I have had the move since launch, and I like it.

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