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Jun 13 2013
By: Slim934 First Son 1 posts

Hardware/Performance differences between ps3's

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Howdy Ya'll,


I've got a question concerning the various ps3 models, specifically between the ps3 fat, ps3 slim, and ps3 ultra slim.


Are there any hardware differences between the systems that lead to measurable improvements in the gameplay experience.

For example, are there differences in harddrive load speeds, or in the read/write speed of the blu-ray drives between models that would equate to actual speed increases in game loading between the systems?


Thanks much for your time.

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Re: Hardware/Performance differences between ps3's

Jun 13, 2013

Not that I'm aware - the only difference may be the make/model of hard drive, but don't think there should be a noticable difference to the user.

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