Jun 09 2013
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HELP!!! PS3 black scren..

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My FAT BOY 80gb ps3 just blacked out on me. the sounds their its running fine but no picture. So i researched this n it looks like many older consoles eventually have this promblem occur. i you tubed a fux and got it working for now. my ? is do you guys think while its working fine should i trade it in to Gamestop n put that money towards my ps4 or do u think the promblem was a one time occurence or signs of things to come? i have a newer 320gb ps3 slim in living room so i still can game on ps3. eventually im going to buy a super slim when their $100 for future use n put in in the closet for when my slim tanks. I kinda wanted to keep my glorious fat boy even just for my eventually basement gaming mancave decor but what u guys think??

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