Dec 17 2012
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HELP!! Can't run plugin message wont show!

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Hey well IM on the internet and the run plugin thing comes up, so I didn't want to run it so I pressed no but when I hit OK I seen that I accidentally clicked "don't show message again" is their a way to show the message again?

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Re: HELP!! Can't run plugin message wont show!

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Dec 21, 2012

Hello there & welcome to the PlayStation Forums,


Your solution is quite simple really. Just follow these instructions *(once on the internet)* and you'll be on your way:


a)  When browsig the internet via the console, press the 'triangle' button.

b)  Select 'Tools' by pressing the 'X' button.

c)  Scroll down the Tool's list until you reach 'Delete Cookies' and press the 'X' button.

d)  Access the Tools option again, and this time select, 'Delete Cache' and press 'X' again to confirm.


Do this everytime (if need be) to free up 'console online congestion.'

You will now see that message again and will have the option to view/ not to view the data.


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