Nov 11 2012
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Growing up with PlayStation.

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I still remember the days way back the PlayStation first arrived back in our home in the Philippines. My uncle bought the console with games like Biohazard, Pepsi Man, Crash Bandicoot, etc. He happily shared his time playing with me on numerous occasions. When he left to live in the United States, he gave me the console to take of it. With that, I kept the console still working in mint condition playing FFVII.

A couple of years passed, Sony made the announcement of a PS2. Taking a good look at the price, well, it was kinda expensive. Still playing the old PS1, it grew another interest to try the next PlayStation console. Luckily, some friends of mine had their consoles already. Playing Fight Night, Gran Turismo 3, Tekken 5 and NBA. It made me chose to buy myself a PS2. I managed to snag a console from sale back in the mall which was very low on stocks that time. Including 2 DualShock Controllers and 3 PS2 games. The console gave me lots of good times with friends over playing Dance Dance Revolution, Call of Duty and Guitar Hero. Doing challenges beating their scores and be the champion over them. For the next years, Ive been alive playing more and more games until the PS3 came into the stores.

And just this year, when I now arrived officially at Stateside, with the money I earned from working and the gifts I received from my family, I was able to buy the PS Vita. I'm just awaiting for a game to utilize the console. For the mean time, we share with my uncle games on his PS3. Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer, Resident Evil 6, sharing the games now made me grow a lot more thanks to PlayStation.

PlayStation helped me get closer with my friends locally and in foreign countries. And I'm still awaiting the biggest games Sony has to offer. I'm sure to get the next generation console to teach my small cousins how to enjoy video gaming as much as I do during my childhood.

Cheers to Sony for being at their best to provide infinite sources of entertainment and hobbies across the world. From one of your loyal players since PlayStation 1.
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