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Jun 04 2012
By: dash383535 First Son 7 posts

Getting to know my step brother playing LBP2

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So here what haappen i have been an only child for 14 years. My mom ended up leave me when i was 8 years old,so my dad was dating people and found some one for him and got married. I was really shocked after 14 years i would be getting a 5 year old brother.When i first met him right off the bat did not know what he like to do or if he even wanted to hang out with me.

After my summer with him my dad notice we would really talk or hang out.So my dad was talking to me that i have a ps3 i use alot but no games he would like but i know any game he would like i would think is too kiddie but i was wrong.So one day we went to gamestop to find a game me and my brother would like and he ran to the first game he saw and pick up LittleBigPlanet 2.He was really  happy about it and i was hoping it would help us talk to each other and have some fun.

We got home and my brother put in the game. In under a hour we were talking up a storm having a good time laughing when are sackboys would do something funny .Every day since we will play LBP and Now he looks for any LBP we can get are hand on and we cant wait for LBP Karting. Iam glad we found this game and i want to play with my brother forever.

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