Nov 03 2012
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Getting my brother back on Playstation

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Me and my brother grew up with Playstation starting with the PS1 which was our first system that we bought from Sony back in 97 with a few games. Fast forward to 2001 and we get a PS2 and are pretty much addicted to the the games that came during the PS2's life cycle. When the next generation of systems came out, my brother got an Xbox 360. I on the other hand got a PS3 and tried every hard to convince that the system was good despite him being a fan of Microsoft's systems. He would consistently say the PS3 wasn't as good as the Xbox 360. I let him borrow my system and what games I had in my collection: Warhawk, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, Metal Gear Solid 4, just to name a few games in the vast library of the PS3. To my surprise he liked the games that he bought a PS3 last year with MAG. He's bought a few games off PSN like Payback, Wipeout HD, Dead Nation which are only available on PSN and no where else. Since he got a PS3, he's gotten excited for Playstation All Stars which comes out later on this month and The Last of Us which comes out next year. I am glad that he took a chance with PS3 and was finally gotten that passion and excitement that he had when first played the PS1 and PS2 years ago. I hope we continue on as Sony moves forward with creating newer consoles and games that we can experience together and only on the Playstation 3.

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