Oct 16 2015
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General Feedback; Ideas for future installments

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To begin with, 3rd person shooters is one of my favorite gaming genres. This doesn't make my opinions more important than others, but it provides a basis for why i am providing feedback.


I also really enjoyed this game. Great story, characters and gunplay.


Main complaints from most people include the following, use of QTE, as well as the fact that it's a short game. To "fix" this is easy, take out QTE's, and make the campaign longer. But my advice is deeper than that. And IMO aren't the only "solutions".


Let's start at the beginning.

----One of my favorite third perosn shooters is Freedom Fighters. If you haven't played it, I highly suggest you take a look. It's available for many platforms including PC. Of course, it isn't over the shoulder, nor does it have "snap to cover" gameplay that is now popular amongst 3rd person shooters. However, what it does have is great level design. Now, the level design in order 1886 isn't terrible, but it is just  vanilla and "passable". (though it is neat to see the environments).


Since most people are unfamiliar with Freedom Fighters, i will go ahead and explain. To progress through the game, you have to complete objectives. To complete these objectives you have to travel to general locations, that you have to make your way through, to complete said objectives. However, objectives and their corresponding areas are available and only show up as you progress through the story, and once you complete a segment, you dont/can't come back to those areas or objectives, since you already "liberated" said area. (since it isn't an open world game. Nor do i want the Order to turn into one.)


I will give you an example. in the 2nd or 3rd segment of the game, there are 3 areas to liberate. In one area there is a helicopter pad. The 2nd area has bridges, and the other has supplies like guns, molotovs and c4. if you take out the helicopter pad, there aren't enemy helicopters in the other 2 areas. if you take out the bridges, there aren't foot soldier re-inforcements in the other areas. Either way though, it would be prudent to get the c4 in the 3rd area, so that you can blow up the other "optional" objectives. however, you don't have to liberate the area before you can travel to a different area. (there are sewers use use to quicksave and travel between areas btw). and after you liberate all thre areas, you progress through the story and come across a new segment of different areas and objectives.


Instead of blowing up bridges and helicopter pads, they could obviously develop the missions however they wanted, granted they have the missions actually have an effect on the world/upcoming missions.


I explained all this, so that you see how the design was in the game. And that any game could have similar level progression and design and be that much more interesting. I would love to see something like this in the next game. with this sort of progression and design, it would easily lead into other great game design ideas. Again, I don't want another "open World" game. I just want more in depth objectives/missions/goals and more interactivity. Also, if it's done this way it can make the game more replayable, making it more forgiving if it's a shorter game like the first.


----My 2nd idea, that would work well with this, is having a 'base" of operations, where Tesla or someone similar, can upgrade you already existing weapons cache (or invent new weapons if you collect the right materials) that you can use in upcoming missions. You, playing the main character, have a say in what weapons/gear you bring and how effective they are in certain situations.


---- I am not completely against the whole "regenerating health" concept that's in **bleep** near every shooter nowadays. (even in some survival and rpgs) But it's just become so uninteresting. I propose that like Tesla upgrading your weapons, that he also upgrades your outfit. and depending on how it's upgraded it can be more effective protecting yourself against certain types of damage/attacks. Give us  a health bar, and make it regenerate in segments of 25%. (if health gets lower than 75 but higher than 50, it regenerates to 75%) And the armor we wear simply reduces the amount of damage taken. armor should also have a "bar". Tesla can fix it for a fee, so you'd have to wait till your mission is over or just go back to base.


other ideas that would be good, but not necessary for a great sequal.

----recruitable allies to help fight in missions. (limit it to one or two allies per mission.. maybe limit it depending on difficulty or mission type)

----making choices that effect the story. ( how much or how often you could effect the story could be minimal or a lot, depends on how the developer feels about it)

----hire another, smaller developer to make multiplayer for the game. And for god's sakes, something other than Deathmatch. So un-interesting and overdone. (though deathmatch was great in The Last of Us)

---- locational damage having a more realistic effect on enemies. chest shots should be instakill unless they are wearing some kind of armor. shooting them in the arm makes them switch to a side-arm using their other arm to shoot. shooting them in the leg makes them actually fall to their knee/bottom. and any enemy who gets injured should have their accuracy lowered. this could make the game too easy, so they could just make enemies do more damage.

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