Dec 02 2012
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Gaming with my dad

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When I was 4 , my dad got me into gaming. He was a military man so time spent with us was cherished, sometimes he was away for months, other times only days. However, he was always there next to me playing video games. When he retired from the military in 91, we spent more time gaming at local arcades. Then the ps1 was released , I remember the day I got it, he purchased jet moto , twisted metal and wcw nitro. We stayed up late into the night. My mom disagreed but me and my dad gamed for hours, everytime i rented a new game he would always find time to whoop me in the newest game in my collection .


A few years later he surprised me with my ps2, we went the the local bx military shop for what he described as a normal back to school sale, little did I know under piles of new clothes sat a ps2 with timesplitters. At checkout he surprised me I hugged him tight and giggled with game fueled delight. The ride back home felt like it took forever, when we got home I rushed to my room and he followed. We played timesplitters and by the time we finshed it was 1am.


Then a while later at my age of 27 he got me a ps3, our gaming continued but he acted diffrent, that's when I found out he had cancer a week after we played a final game of jet moto he passed away, he stayed around to see my bday and play one last round. I miss you dad.


there are all my memories hope you enjoy them now go play a video game with your dad.

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