Apr 19 2012
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Gaming with PlayStation: From hobby to passion

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I remember when I first got my PS3 almost 5 years ago. Before buying, I surfed the web to search for games that would be interesting. After a few searches, I my mind was clear: I was going to buy the hardware. At that time, I wasn’t aware of the place this new console would take into my life.

All was going fine during the first year and a half. I owned around 60 games and I was enjoying all the time I spent with my PS3. But someday, the worst thing ever happened... My PS3 died (because I used it way too much!). Since I loved my PS3, I wouldn’t let a thing as simple as a broken hardware take me away from the awesome games it had to offer. After some months, I decided to buy a new system. It was the best decision ever.

Since I bought my first PS3, I’ve discovered many awesome series that are only available on PlayStation platforms and I couldn’t experience before. Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, Resistance, InFamous, MotorStorm and all the other PlayStation exclusives now have a great place in my gamer’s heart and gave me tons of hours of fun. I wouldn’t trade my PS3 for anything in the world.

Nearly 5 years later, I own 198 retail games and around 170 downloadable PSN titles. I succeeded in making many of my friends who loved ‘’the other console’’ buy a PS3 (and in some cases, sell their other hardware). When they added trophies support to the PS3, it became even more awesome. Trophies are now one of my favorite features (though story, gameplay and graphics are still more important). I have over 5,250 trophies, including 47 platinums.

I can really say that buying a PS3 really changed my life. I will never go back to another company’s system. PlayStation is the best!

Sic Parvis Magna!
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