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Oct 23, 2012

just so you know for the ps vita to be a success it has to be its own device.  also every game has flaws. nothing is perfect in this world.


ps3 games were also not that great at first either. ps vita is not a ps3 nore do i want it to be. I want ps vita to be its own device.


giving ps vita ps3 games will not kick off sales. case in point if you can buy the same game why get the ps vita version when you can just get the ps3 version. the ps3 games would need to be remaid for the ps vita with content and nother things removed. why well ps vita game card can only hold 4gb right now.  ps3 disks can hold 50gb. most ps3 games are 25gb. do you see the problem here. that is not even going into the specs. 


ps3 uses a cell prossesser the ps vita does not. that right there they would need to reprogram for and many more details that are not needed to go into right now.

Want a option to buy avatar's on the ps vita's psn store. Then vote on the link by copying it to your web browser.
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