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Re: Games between two users

Jan 25, 2012

AlacrityFitz wrote:

Ok I can buy the idea that each persons would have an account and can ctrols it on the memstick... But a FACTORY RESET... EVERYTIME???

This needs a little thought. You can keep user data on a mem stick for each user, holding their themes, their games, music, vids whatever. Everything stays the same, and the games are tied to each user not the machine... I am with you so far. But what exectly is the point of needing to reset the whole machine? The games are on the cards a dn meta tagged for the purchasing account, so that should work. Why exactly do you need to burn the drive back to factory to change over?

I am at a loss as to this... I mean I don't tend to play my GF's games and she hates most of mine, so that is not a real concern for me. But I loves me my trophies and she is interested in keeping hers... But FACTORY RESET?

Ok still a little stunned by the concept. At three hundred bucks, this is alittle more of an investment then a regular gaming handheld, not a lot of people are going to buy more than one.

I do think some kind of family pass would be useful. Allow more than one account to access the machine at least.

Factory reset...

I am stymied...

I don't want her crazy Katamari trophies giving cooties to my account...What would the neighbors say.

Now I am off on punch drunk crazy talk.

Are we sure that she can't just log out my account and log in hers without ressetting... Is there a Sony source link for any of this?


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ps vita remembers your account information. so you have to reset it every time. watch the video I posted.

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