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Re: Games are Overpriced in the PS store

Apr 17, 2013

CaptainAlbator wrote:

Brrnout wrote:

CaptainAlbator wrote:

datteygatta wrote:

Just about every game is $5-$15 ABOVE retail value. I can get better prices at Gamestop, and every knows that


Gamestop is a ripoff. For certain titles I wouldn't mind, but there's hardly a selection.


I looked all over for DBZBT3 ( Dragon Ball Z Budokia Tenkaichi 3). Seeing as how DBZ game developers have trashed the series,


I wanted to purchase a DBZ game when Namco knew what it was doing, or DBZ HD for ps3. Neither are available in the store, and every substitutable title was too Overpriced .


I almost wanted to sell my ps3 altogether. 


Bring the Prices down 15-25%, and I may actually buy something instead of downloading demos.

Ah, the realization that gamer fallacy of "no physical product = lower prices" doesn't hold an ounce of water.


Just because the game is a download doesn't mean it was any less expensive to make. You're paying for the game, and not the format or delivery method. Futhermore as many of pointed out, because retail outlets COMPETE with each other for your dollars, they will offer better prices to get you in the store.


I know that it's easier to sit there and issue demands, however with no competition in their digital store front, you have very little power as a consumer. You either buy or you don't. If you put some EFFORT into finding the best price, you can save much more money than making demands that carry zero weight behind them.


Welcome to the reality of digital distribution. Get used to it.

I will boldly argue against that. Yes, video games are expensive and yes they deserve to cost a decent penny, but this I do not buy this argument. In some respects the digital sale will cost a bit more than expected due to the need to pay Sony to put a product on the store to begin with, but do not think for one second that digital costs the same as retail release because that is a pure joke.

(But again, who else are you going to buy a digital game from? You can't log on to any other download service on PSN. You want a digital game on your PS3, you buy it from the PSN Store, or you don't buy it)


Retail stores do not compete with each other mainly because most stores do not make profit off of game sales. Most games are bought and sold with little earnings to the actual store. So you may as why they do it? Well, most stores do it in an attempt to lure customers inside in hopes that they will buy something other than that game. Than the other major game retails such as Gamestop and EB who cannot rely on other sales make their money mainly through used sales and peripherals. NOT through brand new games.

(You actually explained my point for me. They are loss leaders to get you into the store, and they do indeed compete to get you to shop there. Wal Mart competes against Target. Best Buy against PC Richard. Toys R Us competes against... is that all there are these days in terms of retailers?? Anyway, because you have a choice, they are going to do whatever they can to get you into the store. I know that the gamer congnoscenit loves to throw around the word "competition", however they don't really know what it means at times)


Digital is much cheaper. There is no plastic case, no instructions and no costly blu-ray to accompany them. Digital should NOT cost the same as retail and if this is not true than we should go ask Steam to see how they manage to sell brand new games that just were released for discount prices.

 (Again with the "Steam agrument". Listen, despite the belief that the gamer cognoscenti has that it takes "years for games to go down in price", it's simply not true. You can find deals at retail stores on relatively new games. The myth that you don't keeps you from looking in the first place. I picked up Black Ops 2 about three weeks after release for $40 at Best Buy. A "new game" for a discount??? But... but... but... they take YEARS to go down in price?!?! Don't they?! Well not if you actually put in the EFFORT to look and comparison shop. As I've always stated, the belief that gamers have had that "no physical product = savings passed on to the consumer" is a fallacy. They were never going to be swell guys and cut you a break. I just logged into Steam (I feel so dirty!) and I see that Far Cry 3 is currently $49.99. I check Amazon, and Far Cry 3 is currently $31.50 for PC. BUT?? BUT?? BUT?? Recent gamers are supposed to be cheaper?!? Aren't they?? Apparently not. Vale and Steam practice what's called "McDonaldization". They give you a lot of something at a cheap price, and they convince you you're getting "quality". Just because you buy a ten year old game that's not selling for $5, doesn't mean you're getting a good deal. What Steam can probably offer is a quicker break even point. That's it. However, competition in teh market place can and does often yield better prices than the accepted and gamer endorsed monopoly that Steam is. The IDEA that "digital is supposed to be cheaper" is pure folly, and it's been exposed as folly. The gamer logic myth needs to be put to rest)

Cheers, Brrnout


Apparently you missed the few sales steam has continuously held for Ubisoft/FC3. I bought all three FCs w/ DLCs for $40 as a value pack. FC3 itself was half off for only $25. Previously before that FC3 was on sale for $35. Don't get your facts wrong about steam, if you have patience there will always be a sale sooner or later. Steam has proven many time digital is cheaper and sure sometimes their prices might be higher, but that is so rare to see anymore. Steam does a great job at keeping lower prices than competitors. They usually set the benchmark for pricing now so its fair for developers/consumers.

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Re: Games are Overpriced in the PS store

Apr 18, 2013
Well GameStop is not a rip off. There are over half the games at GameStop that are thirty bucks but are still sixty on psn. Psn has the worst prices for games ever.
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Re: Games are Overpriced in the PS store

Apr 18, 2013

Games on the PSN should get a bit cheaper. Retail games tend to get cheaper quicker. It never made sense to me why they don't lower the price on the PSN store that often.

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