Feb 18 2012
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Game save for gt5 not working with 2.05 update

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for anyone that just did the 2.05 update for GT5.....i did the update last night and when i started the game it froze b4 the intro movie.i tried several times to reload the game but no luck.i decided to delete the game data from the ps3 and just re-download the update thinking it was just corrupt. but i couldnt find the new update.all i found was the last update,so im not sure if that means anything.i just deleted the old update and re-downloaded the new one again.still nothing...kept freezing.i decided then to look at the save data i had on my ps3 for the game.i uploaded the save to a flash drive and deleted the file from the ps3......BINGO...the game started assuming the new update isnt compatible with my old save.not sure if this is happening to others but im kinda pissed about it and just wanted to let others know about this.

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