Mar 31 2011
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Game Save Cloud/Online back-up question

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Here it is in point form below:

  • Old/Fat PS3 dies
  • Hard Drive still intact
  • Game saves still on there (such as New Vegas and Black Ops)
  • Buy new PS3
  • Fat PS3 won't turn on at all, so ethernet cord method won't work.

So if I buy Playstation Plus, would I be able to put in the old hard drive, upload the saves, go back to the new hard drive, and re-download them?

That's all I need to know, thank you in advance

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Re: Game Save Cloud/Online back-up question

Apr 1, 2011

Nope, as soon as u put the HDD in your new PS3 it will reformat it and thus wipe the data on it. Did you get YLOD? There are some reputable sites that will repair it for as low as $60 or so and so it might be worth looking into that. Good luck.

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