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Re: Gaikai service's and storage

Jul 21, 2013

Xuchilbara wrote:

glaciusx25 wrote:
Either way, I highly doubt it will involve discs. I predict it'll be like Netflix.

Nah, Gaikai strictly is a streaming service. Nevertheless, many of us have hope for SONY to find a way to credit ownership of games to end-users so we don't have to buy said again yet again. For example. I bought ICO & SoTC for PS2 & PS3. MGS games many times over, same thing for GOW games. If they ever do come up with such solution, I can see SONY requiring you to insert your disc on the system to obtain a one time discount of the digital-stream purchase.


With that said, we have to accept that backward compatibly, as we once knew it, no longer exist.  The PS4 architecture was a necessary change for the life of the PlayStation brand, a change I happily welcome with open arms.

 what about the savebof  a certain game to ps cloud.? Will that work


vp-psn legioniaree group.

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Re: Gaikai service's and storage

Jul 26, 2013

I myself would really like it, if they were to do some kind ownership licence  for owners that already own the PS,PS2, PS3 disc versions, however one of my bigger concerns is the digital content that I own already will Gaikai be the NEW! server for them as well, if so say I choose to un-install them then later and decide to install them again. that means i have to become a PS plus Member to get them back?

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Re: Gaikai service's and storage

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Jul 26, 2013

Shadelon wrote:

BRIT-KO wrote:

AJHH-82860711 wrote:

so if the Gaikai service is coming to the ps3 and ps4 does this mean that some how all the disc based games I own will some how be licenced to be already to play them from the cloud? or to i upload them to the cloud?

Gaikai is a streaming service for the PS4, not the PS3, at least I don't think it's for the PS3, the disc games you own will only be playable on the PS3, not the PS4, Gaikai will allow for some PS1/2/3 games to be streamed to the PS4.



It is in fact coming to PS3 as well, at the same time it rolls over for PS4. And it will ALSO roll out for Vita as well at a later date.

This. Is a short clip that announces what it will be available on and when they plan to roll it out. From E3 this year, so most recent news on it.



Edit: Sorry, I didn't notice the date on the replies and was thinking this was being talked about today. Didn't realize the OP was bumping his thread a week later. Ooops.

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