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GZ first Press Conference?

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Games Forum and from the "play", "to create" "era
Possibility of "coverage report of indie games and game engine, which is - democracy!

November 16 on Saturday, the Games Forum
Jointly held in Guranzera and Kanazawa Institute of Technology and the "Possibility of indie games and game engine, which is ~ democratization from" play "to create", "era".
Around the students, to the general public from elementary school, was attended by many people.

State of opening

Joint project of game production Guranzera Kanazawa Institute of Technology and an introduction


[ Opening ]

At the opening , was the opportunity to game this forum is realized , a joint project of game production Guranzera and Kanazawa Institute of Technology to become the third year were introduced .
"In Kanazawa Institute of Technology , and has been teaching unique tackle find the problem and challenges students out into the real world of" project design " , Yamabe Vice President of Kanazawa Institute of industry-university cooperation chamber on stage is , this game it was folded and said production project , "he said part of these efforts .
As the first series co-production , PlayStation ® Home " Oedo - Underground Mononoke race " is released in September this year . The students from the production team , and the impression " I learned the severity of that received a harsh opinion from Guranzera , to work more than he had in mind in the game production . Was able to be prepared to go out into society now " and was stated .


Greetings of Kanazawa Institute of Technology industry-university cooperation room Yamabe Vice President

Students who co-produced the " Oedo - Underground Mononoke race " along with the Guranzera

Lecture [ Part 1 ]

"About the development of the current and future PlayStation ® Mobile "
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (hereinafter , SCE)
1st Division open platform Business Department Mr. Takeshi Asano

Asano that was involved as a game planner in the production of " Shadow of the Colossus " . From his work to spread the open platform , as a platform to be able to make games of PlayStation anyone , " PlayStation ® Mobile " (hereinafter , PSM) that runs on Android OS -powered devices and PlayStation ® Vita was introduced now .
As the game has been released in the PSM in fact , cases of " It's Cheeky habit of hero " , " Cytus ( Saitasu ) " , " CHAOS RINGS ( Chaos Rings ) " , such as' become God of the forest world I " while introduction , and describes the environment of game development of PSM. Now, is that ( right to sell the game) publisher license of PSM that can be obtained for free by individuals . In addition , he was told by Mr. Asano " Anyone can sell all over the world the game that she had made can be " he said.

SCE Asano

[ Part 2 ] lecture

" Unity to be game of the World "
Unity Technologies Japan Limited Liability Company
Japan Senior Manager, Mr. Hiroki Omae , lead game design researchers Yanaze Mr. Yohei

Responsible for introduction of middleware and the design and development of the development environment for game consoles at From Software once , as Japan director of Unity Technologies Japan , Ohmae said , has served as the spread of Unity now . On the other hand , after involved in the development as a scenario writer and game designer , Yanaze Mr. regarded became a research position , has been a game design researchers currently . From Messrs. , the significance of the game engine " Unity " was told .

Unity is good in the game engine that supports a variety of platforms , it is possible to produce fairly sophisticated games free license , with the advent of Unity, which was done by dozens of former and was able to alone you .
" In Unity, since it is possible to form immediately that the individual came up with , are coming out into the world a lot not only game " Cool " , also game " Crazy " ," elements " Cool " that " someone has Messrs. was woven in and said ,. Unity to be let out into the world quickly in the game elements " Crazy " and " it is such a game engine .
In addition, it said, " college student might not beat creator games and a professional designer , but also have the expertise which does not lose any artist, to learn it," and toward the students who attended , I was told " it or not the value of most of university students " he said.
Environment to create a " game ready , is yours ! Both men , restrictions on . Imagination ( people make a game) is . Later , which is also (PlayStation ® Mobile) where (Unity) also originates tool that can be form the idea at the end I want you to call by wall chart , you can make something that came up , and show it to people , and feedback , and fix . because I wanted to tell about it . servants in the " Unity " and " PlayStation ® Mobile " for the the call to the audience , " I came this time , it was signed the lecture .

Yanaze Mr. Unity and Mr. Ohmae

[ Panel discussion ]

In addition Asano , Mr. Ohmae , in Yanaze Mr. , Mr. Ito AkiraNaru Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia ( following SCEJA) publisher relations section , Yoshiyuki Yoshida of Guranzera Senior Managing Director CTO participated as a panelist . Fukuda of Kanazawa Institute of Technology , gave the moderator .

Topics say that " play " " since the days to create " , " era " and , SCEJA Ito by " excitement of game production in individuals a global trend ," said game , the " SCE, individuals in the same environment as professional it was woven in said . " that I want to prepare a place to be active . In helping you have a " mission of Unity anyone is to able to create the game" , Unity Ohmae says , " game and unique come out a lot by continuing to lower the hurdle of game production . Looking forward to it." I was told also .
Guranzera Yoshida , was called " The game , of course fun thing to play , but to produce more fun . Taking this opportunity , I want to challenge the game creation to everyone " he said.

Others , such as the benefit of the game creation role Unity and SCE should play in the game industry , Invision of game production in the future , in rural areas , lively discussion was held by over a scheduled time .


 Panel discussion


Full-service company will be Fukuda's Kanazawa University

1. picture SCE Asano's

2. picture SCEJA Ito's

3. picture Unity's big front

4. picture Liang Lai's Unity

ra ra nn athlete bag Yoshida


[ Game production project announcement ]

In Kanazawa Institute of Technology , in cooperation with Guranzera , for the purpose of skill acquisition computer graphics software and " Unity " and " Maya " , we have conducted a student production . This time , within 50 points Unity works , of 40 points Maya work , presentation of one point each was done .

[ Booth ]

The SCE booth , the exhibition "It's Cheeky habit of brave " latest game title 3 of PSM, " Cytus ( Saitasu ) " , " CHAOS RINGS ( Chaos Rings )" on .

In Unity booth , held (hereinafter , HMD) the experience meetings " Oculus Rift ( Oh Molecular Thrift ) " of the head -mounted display which is the Hokuriku first landing .
Characteristic response of the head -de- racking function to move the view of the game in conjunction also about three times the HMD general of the viewing angle , the movement of the head has a high " Oculus Rift ( Oh Molecular Thrift ) " is .
If you look at Oculus Rift ( Oh Molecular Thrift ) "using the demo that was produced using the Unity, there is a sense of immersion than ever before , I was surprised the people who visited .

In Grand Zee La Bourse , I was also able to display PlayStation ® Home that made the collaboration with the Kanazawa Institute of Technology " Oedo - Underground Mononoke race " , to play actually .
In Kanazawa Institute of Technology booth , Maya and works Unity work students have produced were exhibited six points .
Any booth in great success , I was able column of waiting .
In addition, the state of this game forum , was featured in the newspaper the next day news and local television stations .



1. picture State of experience booth

2. picture Kanazawa Institute of Technology booth, Grand Zee La Bourse

3. picture SCE booth, Unity booth


At the end

Once again, thank you very much for visiting from outside the prefecture as well as the prefecture games Forum "from" play "to create", "era" in!

In addition, guests who had you on stage people, including the Kanazawa Institute of Technology were the cooperation, in everyone of the participants, I thank you to take this place.

I think at our company, so that it can contribute to Haishutsu of game creators from local, and we want to continue to work in the future.

Thank you very much in the future.


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