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From 9 to 18 With A Generation of Gaming

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It was about late 2003, me and my sister were begging for our first game system.  I was 9 and she was 13 so our parents didn't really think about the gaming systems until we asked them. We begged and begged but thought our luck would never see the light. December 25th, 2003, we woke up at our grandparents house in Chicago (we live all the way in California) and saw the biggest box, bigger than any other gift we had ever gotten, sitting by the tree.  We ripped up the paper like we were pros at it and saw the familiar "PS2" on the front, finished unwrapping it like animals and opened the box to find the console and a controller.  Unfortunately our parents had forgotten (or just didn't know they needed to) buy a game to go with it.

When we got back from Chicago we went to our local K-Mart (where I definitely wouldn't have gone now to buy a game) and bought Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, which I will remember as one of the best games in gaming history and as my very first video game.  We got home and almost broke the PS2 trying to shove the disc into the system's disc tray.  We played for about 2 hours and got to Mesa City when our parents called us down for dinner.  We turned off the PS2 and ate as fast as we could and when we came back up to play we found a surprise... Our game wasn't saved.  We found out we needed a memory card so me and my sister played and beat Raleigh again but left the PS2 on for the night to make sure we wouldn't lose our place in the game.

After Sly 2 and 3, Jak 1, 2 and 3, Ratchet and Clank 1, 2 and 3 along with Deadlocked which were great games but by far my very favorite was Sly 2 (GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME, I hope the 4th is better though which I'm really excited about) along with the Battlefront 1 and 2 days, the PS3 came out a year later which I spent all that time saving up for it since it was announced in 2005 (I think 05 not really sure maybs early 06) which was the hype of the decade (for me,don't know about all u ppl with X written all over u). All my hopes were satisfied when I found out it would be Backwards-Compatible, only problem was that we needed a memory card reader which was $20 (no big deal) at the time. December 31st (NY's Eve) is when I bought it because of all the money I got from family in Chicago which is where we go for Christmas (EVERY... YEAR.,. EVEN... NOW), I was 13 at the time (Not too many 13 year olds with $730in their pockets so I felt special) and bought the PS3 along with F1 Championship Edition and brought it to celebrate with the family in California that night. Me and my cousins played from about 6:00 pm to about 30 min before the New Year on their brand new HDTV which were very few at the time so we were amazed at the graphics and quality (It may have been few HDTV's but now we have an 8 ft dia.projector and screen which take up a whole wall in our house, along with Sony's new 3D Viewer which are especially very few now) 

2007 every day I would go to school and I would hear "Hey there's this new game called Warhawk, everybody's playin it now you play it and you'rehooked" so I went to Gamestop and bought the game. About an hour later I was playing it and my eyes were hooked to the screen. I mean it was like Battlefront on the PS3 it had almost the same tactics and button layout and I WAS hooked. 32 player matches I mean sick and now the sequel coming out (Finally) although I hope they do make a SWBF3. 

Late 2008 I got a PSP-3000, a year later the PSPGo and 2012 has now come around and the Vita is here which is definitely amazing. The possibility of being able to play PS3 game via remote play in the near future is fantastic. Well I don't want to keep you for too long so to wrap up, my favorite series, Sly and Jak have gotten a HD remaster and even after almost 10 years with Sly, that level where you have to keep the treasure from the crabs still makes me angry but I've already gotten platinums for all 3 games and have done the same thing with Jak collection in J&D: PL and am on my way for 2 and 3 along with the Ratchet and Clank Collection (All these collections making me so excited) which I will do the same thing with too, just bought a PS1 from Goodwill a week ago and let me tell ya, games have come a long way and I'm glad I have gotten to experience the change along with what's there to come in the future. I have a shelf that I sometimes put all the Playstations together because now I have them all. I now am 18  and just need the PS4 and then I'll be happy, though everyone says that but it will never end. Long Live Play.

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