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Re: Flat Screen LCD TV's & Playstation 3?

Jun 19, 2013
Ohh, he's a PC gam, errr, a Windows User... No wonder he can't operate a TV or HD electronics.

Shh, don't tell him about Dolby surround, it'll blow his mind.

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Re: Flat Screen LCD TV's & Playstation 3?

Jun 19, 2013

Actually, we are just reading the things you *clearly* wrote.  For example...


GuRuAsaki2098 wrote:

From what I understand, PS4 is no more Powerful then a PS3 Slim, & no Backwards Compatibility, & yet it still costs $400...

I will pay for Cable, Internet, & Bills for a House, but I will not add Entertainment to that same list, I just won't... ~_~

What Next? We gonna be billed in order to Breath the Air we live in, too?

1.  You grossly misunderstand.

2.  Cable is entertainment.  So, is internet, for a great many people.  Entertainment is already on "that same list", genius!  And, you just argued your way out of ever buyng any game for any system, because every game is entertainment.


3.  Your "air" analogy doesn't make any sense.  As you *just* finished pointing out, multiplayer is a form of entertainment, not a necessity of life.


Anyone who thinks that a $400 PS4 is equivalent to a $400 PC deserves what he gets in the way of video gaming.  Enjoy your lackluster graphics and substandard play; your $400 PC only has 2GB of RAM and onboard graphics.  Call us blind, if you will.  Just do it in someone else's forum, please.


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