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Jan 04 2013
By: Koggog First Son 1 posts

Final Fantasy XII on Classic Downloads Please

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I had a original PS3, LOVED playing my Final Fantasy XII on it, till that **bleep** burned up, then I had to buy 2 of the newer (and gayer) PS3's which my wife and I use to play Black Ops 2 on. Thing is though, these newer **bleep** PS3's wont play PS2 games like my old one did so even though I have Final Fantasy XII on disc I cant use it, BUT you guys have like EVERY other Squaresoft game on PSN now for sale so why dont you add that one too? Considering the Squaresoft titles get purchased more than any others on PSN I would think it would be a smart buiness move to add another Final Fantasy.



Gogogogog Vann! Final Fantasy XII please. K thx~ and I'll forgive you for making the Playstation store so **bleep** ugly.



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First Son
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Re: Final Fantasy XII on Classic Downloads Please

Feb 28, 2013

I agree. I LOVED final fantasy 12 and haven't played it in years. Never even beat it :smileysad: wish I had now.

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