Dec 23 2012
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File Size Increases When Transferring From PC

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I have converted video files to .MP4 on a Win7 PC.  For the larger files (>4GB), I transfer them via PS3 Media Server (v1.72.0) to the PS3.  However, once the files have copied over, the PS3 reports them much larger than they appear on the PC.  For example, an 8GB PC file is nearly double the size on the PS3 - 15GB!


The files play just fine on the PS3, but I am running out of space (despite recently upgrading to a 500GB HDD).  Does anyone know why this is happening, and how to keep the file sizes consistent?



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Re: File Size Increases When Transferring From PC

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Dec 24, 2012

Select the file with "NO ENCODING" from the Transcode folder and the PS3MS will then transfer the file over as NATIVE file.

Remuxing is done automaticly if PS3MS detects some thing wrong with the file during copying selection.

Just because a file Streams does not mean the File is encoded to MP4 standards. PS3MS has lots of Re-muxing and real time re-encoders built in..


For example = PS3MS does not under stand that the PS3 can actualy Play m4v files.

This is because M4V has unsupported features like subtitles and Chapter support which are not in MP4, which the PS3 does not support but can ignore this data.

So the PS3  can play Apples extension to MP4 that is M4V perfectly fine but PS3MS will then do its best to play the file by re-encoding the file to remove them. Dual audio feed is another feature of M4V that can break MP4 support and trigger a remux from Tsmuxer. 


Not all encoder app are created equal a lot Lie about there settings and features being to standard. 


To disable the auto Re-encode/Transcode of files, you need to add Extensions to the ignore/skip section on PS3MS...


This is you bacisly telling PS3MS that you know better than it. But you will then need to manualy select a re-encode when you get broken files...


If you then transfer a file and it fails to play it is not encoded to MP4 standards. If you get audio only and black screen you messed up the H264 Ident flags.. try again.

( Handbrakes Appletv preset works on PS3 but is Dual audio by default, so you need to disable one of the audio feeds. The Android High preset is single audio feed and should do fine...)   


SIEE PS3/PS4 Beta Tester

From SIE blog firmware 4.50 post "There is no guarantee that all USB storage devices are compatible with your system." 

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Re: File Size Increases When Transferring From PC

Dec 24, 2012

Excellent feedback!  I will adjust the PS3MS settings as needed.  As an alternative, I used the Media Server connection to transfer the same file and the file size remained the same.  Thanks for your help, Graphite.

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