Jul 26 2013
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Feedback on multiplayer game Dragon Royale?

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Hey everyone, 

Our team at Mantis Studios has been working on Dragon Royale for about 8 months now and we were hoping to get some feedback from the community. The game is currently in open alpha testing on Windows and is completely free. Our ultimate goal is to port this game to console, so we would like to hear back from console players on what they would like to see early in the development process.

The game itself could be described as a 3D version of snake combined with elements of platforming and shooters all set to the theme of Chinese Dancing Dragons.

Please know that being in alpha, our current focus is on making fun gameplay, so the current models and sound effects are placeholders and do not represent the level of polish for the final game. The game is fully multiplayer and includes leaderboards so you can compete with friends.


An outdated trailer is available here (graphics have been improved since, and new features have been added):

We update the game every Thursday and you can check out our video update summaries on our youtube channel or at our website

Let us know what you think and thanks for looking at Dragon Royale,

Frank Alonso
Lead Developer
Mantis Studios 

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Re: Feedback on multiplayer game Dragon Royale?

Jul 28, 2013

Anyone take a look? It's most fun to get a few people to all download and play it together, but if you want I'm always willing to play a game with anyone and would love to hear some feedback.

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