Nov 24 2013
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Feedback on PS4

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Ok so I'm going to post this here too because apparently it's not ok to post this in the Support section.




First, let me congratulate Sony on this new amazing system and the awesome launch.


This is mainly to the Playstation team because I couldn't find an e-mail address where I could write to them. This is just my feedback on the system after using it for a week. These are things that I'd like to be "fixed" on the PS4.


So these are things that I'd like to see added/changed in the future:


#1 Support for PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. Seriously, why isn't there support for these games? I got 320 PS3 games, 80 PS1 games and close to a 100 PS2 games. I like to replay them from time to time but I do play PS1 games almost every single day. I love PS1 games I collect them and I'd like to play them on my PS4. Also all those PS1 games I purchased from PSN I'd like to be able to download for my PS4 and play it on my PS4. Same should apply to the purchased PS2 games as well. I don't want to re-buy these titles once you release Gaikai or whatever the name of that service is. I want to be able to insert a PS1 disc and play it. I want to be able to insert a PS2 and PS3 disc and play it. I have these games and can't play them on my new system. That is VERY VERY important to have on my PS4. Should release 3 virtual consoles for the PS4 instead of this Gaikai service. PS1 virtual console, PS2 virtual console and PS3 virtual console. I trust there is enough horse power in the PS4 to do that. There are emulators on PC and those are obviously softwares so it can be done. Even if you charge for each virtual console, I don't care. As long as I have the ability to play my games on my new system. I would really trade up Gaikai service to virtual consoles instead. Don't want Gaikai, seriously. 


#2 MP3 and other audio file support just like it is on the PS3. I can't tell you guys how important this is to me. I loved playing racing games on PS3 and listening to my own music. Everyone has a different taste of music and no one should be forced to listen to something they don't like in something like a racing game. Music made racing games that much better for me. It is VERY important to have.


#3 Video files support. Any and all video files should be supported just like it is on the PS3 again. I have video files that I'd like to watch on my PS4 using a USB flash drive. I have family videos converted to avi files and me and my family watch them often remembering good times and I don't want to be constantly switching back to my PS3 to do that. It is very annoying.


#4 The ability to sign into another account by selecting it just like on the PS3. Right now, you have to go to Power, Log Out of PS4 than press the PS button than choose the account. That is way too many unnecessary steps.


#5 To have the ability to see my friends sign on and off of PSN. That was on PS3, why isn't this on PS4 is beyond me. There should be an option to turn this on and off if someone doesn't like it they can switch it off but it is important to me. I'd really liked that feature.


#6 That cross bar that has an icon for every single game that you ever played on your PS4. The more games you have the longer that bar gets. That is not good at all. I currently have 320 PS3 games, imagine if an icon for each game was on that bar. It would take me forever to find a game I'd like to play. That bar should be reworked. Keep the library folder and have these icons there and the only icon that should be on the cross bar is of the game that you have currently inserted in your PS4. The library should only contain games that you have installed on your PS4. There is absolutely no need for this bar to be this huge and to have icons for games that you currently don't have inserted in your PS4.


#7 The TV & Video folder should only contain the software that you have installed on your PS4. I only use Netflix, I don't want to see Amazon instant video, redbox and so fort on it. There is no need for that really. We should have better control over this.


#8 Costume wallpapers/costume themes. This was yet another basic feature on the PS3, what happened to it? I'm sure that most of us would love to have our own wallpapers and themes on the PS4. Please bring that back too as we like our PS4's to be customized to our liking.


#9 The PS4 controller runs out of joice very fast. I don't know how can this be fixed. I got two controllers and I can use them around 6-7 hours. This might be enough for some but if I'm home all day and want to play all day I don't want to be keep switching between controllers. Oh and forget about it if a friend comes over and you guys play all day. You are forced to stop playing to recharge the controllers. Don't know what can be done about this but you guys should look into it. Maybe the light shouldn't  be on all the time to save battery life??? Don't know, but something needs to be done in my opinion.


#10 Bluetooth headset support. Why isn't it there? Why can't I use my Playstation headsets on my PS4. This should be fixed ASAP.


Other than that I think this is a good system but it has the potential to be the best system ever created if only these features where added.


Also, if anyone wants to add to the list, please feel free to do so.


PS: If a mod wants to pin this thread as an "Official Feedback on PS4" that would be even better. But I do hope that these "suggestions" will get into the right hands at Sony and will be at least considered for the future.


Thank you.

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Re: Feedback on PS4

Nov 25, 2013
You ask for opinions and feedback in this thread. But you should of actually posted this in one of the dozens of " my idea for improvement threads "

You might have even have saved time by just saying "I agree" as this same list has been repeated over and over.
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Re: Feedback on PS4

Nov 25, 2013

Most of that is rehashed as Gordo points out.


6-7 hours of life for the controller is awesome considering what it does now.


Hassle changing to the charged controler? Really?


Oh the humanity! 



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Re: Feedback on PS4

Nov 25, 2013
Well tbh I really wish that there were more games out right now that Interests me. Don't get me wrong i LOVE my ps4 and play it every day. I just wish that infamous and dying light could have a sooner release date then what they are now.. I'm getting lego marvel so that should hold me over for a while
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Re: Feedback on PS4

Nov 25, 2013

I agree with most of what you are saying but many of these things are being addressed right now. The MP3 support will probably be added in a future update along with a few other things on this list. I do agree that there needs to be some sort of way organize games as well as Netlix and such. That being said though, I love everything that Sony has done with this system and has been the best purchase I have ever made, I do feel for those whose systems didn't work but that's to be expected with the launch of new hardware in general. I can't wait to see what they will do with the hardware in the future and what new experiences it will bring Smiley Very Happy 

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