Nov 29 2012
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Faithfui Ps2 Gamer Returns to the fold

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Being a gamer for all my life I had played on many different consoles, and in the arcade.... Do they still have those?

Anyway, my experience isn't what I would call genuine, but it is mine.

Ten years ago I joined the Navy, did the boot camp thing, and got stationed in Pensacola, Fl. "How can I spend my money?" I asked myself..... PlayStation 2.... Hmmm didn't own the previous one, but I though I would give it a shot. Loved it from day one, Resident Evil, Top Gun, Red Faction... You get the idea. That console went with me to many different duty stations, and I let someone borrow it, maybe I should say have.... Argg, enter the PS2 Slim..... Awesome console...

This one went with me from Biloxi to El Centro, CA, I played Punisher and Ace Combat till my eyes bled....

Then I left the flock.... For a new white console with sticks for controllers. I just couldn't find the love for it that I did for my PlayStation... I moved on to the other white console that had a certain red ring issue..... :-)

I stuck with that for a few years, PS kept tugging.... "I still love you... Come back..."

Finally after 7 years without playing PS, I just jumped, traded my old stuff, and bought a new PS3 Slim.... When in started it up, my wife said.... "What is that" "The future.... And it looks awesome"

The first game I played on this little Matte Black Box was the copy of Gran Turismo that came with the console...I was like, "This is what a racing game should look like.... And the car moves when I move the controller?!?!?! AWESOME!"

Now I sit here, console running, looking, deciding, what adventure can I and this black box.... Or TARDIS as I call her, go on tonight..

The adventure continues...
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