Mar 28 2014
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Facebook account link profile photo no longer showing on PSN

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Ok, so heres my question


Up until yesterday morning, my facebook profile photo has appeared through my PSN.I got home yesterday around 2 or 3pm cuz i had to work and now no photo,all it showed is a circle with a line through it. Iwent through everystep i can think and its now the next morning and no photo still.   

Is it possible that someone reported it?


I recently had to block and report 2 psn account holders that i had on my psn friends list for messaging me and using profound comments. Their comments were downright rude, disrespectful, they also futhered into hate comments against that have different sexual orientations. The little immature comments didnt matter much, but when you start making hate comments and sending them to me,then enough is enough.I did what i had to do.

I hope they didnt get one of their friends to report me.


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