Dec 16 2012
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I have a PS3 league already. .. The league is simple ... 8 teams.. Two grouped divisions (Group A and Group B) with four teams in each...everyone will play each other twice in that division ... three points for a win.. one point for a tie. All games will be played over a two week period then the top two teams in those groups will move to a bracket style playoff game , winner moves on to the next round until there are only two standing for the championship cup.. The league will kick off around Dec. 14 or 15. 

I am building and recruiting more players for season two and creating a third Group C... email me at asap for further info.. I WANT ONLY SUPER SERIOUS PEOPLE THAT ARE GOING TO BE COMMITTED AND THAT COMMUNICATE QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY THROUGH EMAIL. Must be able to play games on time. League is mostly a weekend league only. 

Check out my website for FIFA 13 LEAGUE... My PSN is GKAI 

here is the website..

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