Jul 31 2001
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FFT re-release????

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I have heard from so many places that Final Fantasy Tactics is going to be re-released today (July 31st). So I was on the web and noticed that Gamestop and EB world was selling them. So i hop on a bus an goto my local EB store (in Canada) and ask if they got any in. guess what, they had no clue what i was talkin about, even though it was on their site ready to be ordered. All they could say is, "i guess you could try to order it from EB site ( because we have no offical news of its re-release on our computers". I have no problem whith ordering on line except that EB and Gamestop charge around 20 bucks just for shipping to Canada plus the game its self ($19.99 at EB world in US, that would be arounfd 30 bucks in Canada). Would someone please tell me whats going on? When will FFT be in stores? or will FFT ever be back on store self???? I am a stupid man for not buying this game when it first came out, but please help me out!


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