Jul 04 2012
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Error code 80028f50

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So I'm trying to go onto netflix and I click on the icon, then it tells me to first download software so I click Yes, then after a minute or so download it tells me "a later version is already installed. There is no reason to install this version" and the only option is to press "back" witch take me to the main screen and if I click on the icon again it will just repeat the download. I have tried to press triangle to uninstall it but the is no triangle option. Also if I go to my channels I click on the Netflix icon there and it does a download and update but then tries to load the app and gives me the error code (80028f50). Need help
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Re: Error code 80028f50

Jul 4, 2012

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Try holding down the "select" & "Start" keys simultaneously, this should reset the application for you, it may help.


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Re: Error code 80028f50

Dec 3, 2012

I am having the exact same problem with Netflix and same error code but I also get that error code when I try to acces the playstation store.  Pushing start and select simultanuosly does not do anything for me.  Any other suggestions?

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Re: Error code 80028f50

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Sep 10, 2014

I'm afraid we will get stuck with this 80028f50 error for a while... No one knows how to solve it. Even Sony. 




This is a very old thread and will now be locked. If you're having trouble with this or other errors feel free to make a new thread in our Support Forums.

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